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Book Bingo 2018 Masterpost

Mystery/Crime -
Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Paranormal/Urban Fantasy/Supernatural -
Published The Year You Were Born -
One Word Title -
Children's Or YA Book -

Fanfic Of At Least 100k Words -
Comic Or Graphic Novel -
A Favorite Re-Read -
Diverse Read -
Recommended By A Friend, Family Member, Or Colleague -

Published This Year -
Non-Fiction -
Free Space -
A Romance -
At Or Near The Bottom Of Your TBR List - Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris

Number or Color In The Title -
Animal On The Cover -
Script Or Screenplay -
TV Tie-In/Turned Into A TV Show -
Biography Or Autobiography -

Poetry Or Play -
Horror -
A Classic -
Never Judge A Book By It's Movie -
Out of Your Comfort Zone -

Wild Card 1 -
Wild Card 2 -
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Comment to 'Prompt Fest 2018 | POST YOUR PROMPTS! CLAIM THE PROMPTS!' by mrs_leary in merlinrpf

Character(s) and/or Pairing(s): Colin/Bradley
Time and/or Place: Now?
Prompt: The prompt was actually thought of by someone in Merlin Chat on Chatzy (you really should ALL come join us!) Bradley just posted a pic of himself learning to ski with no snow...and meanwhile, Colin is in Park City, where there's lots of snow and skiiing...Do with that what you will! Here's what she wrote: " There's got to be something here: Bradley is learning to ski on a dry slope whilst Colin is up in Park City where they have really good actual skiing. "

Here's the photo component of the prompt:

The Merlin chat is totally lovely...and though a lot of people aren't into rpf, nobody bashes anyone for what they're into.

This is a link to LJ Chat page with info about chat, password, link to chat, etc.

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